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Bank closure a ‘serious error’ 

A customer of the closure-threatened Lloyds TSB branch in Brookmans Park says the bank has made a ‘serious error’ in underestimating the number of people who use the branch.

The claim comes as more customers threaten to move their money from Lloyds TSB if the closure plan goes ahead.

In an e-mail to this site’s ‘Have Your Say’ section, the customer, who has had a current account with Lloyds for 23 years and a business account for four years, says the bank did not have ‘the courtesy’ of sending her a letter about the closure.

She later found out, following a conversation with a bank official, that her name had not been forwarded by the branch as one of its regular customers.

If it had been, she would have received a letter. Because it wasn’t, she didn’t. It raises the question of how many more customers have not been notified and whether the bank has got its figures right when assessing the popularity of the branch in the community.

In her e-mail to this site she wrote: “When my Lloyds TSB business account manager rang me yesterday to discuss plans for my business account I pointed out that the only plans I had were to close it!”

When she asked the official why she had not received a letter, he said that they had asked the branch staff for the names of the people using the bank and written to those on the list.

“This method was clearly unscientific and inaccurate. If this was the basis for closing the bank it was a serious error,” she wrote.

”Given the wealth within the village, I wonder if Lloyds TSB would consider it economical to close the bank if every resident closed all their Lloyds TSB accounts (irrespective of the holding branch),” she continued.

“It is worth a try. I have written to inform them of my decision to close all accounts and credit cards if they persist. The more people who write to say this, the more chance we have of turning the situation round.”

Lloyds say the doors of the Bradmore Green branch will shut for the last time on Friday April 14.

The bank says the branch has a low 'footfall' (customers actually going through the door) and that internet and telephone banking have also contributed to the decision.

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January 21, 2000

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