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Website wins national commendation

July 1, 1999

The Brookmans Park Newsletter has been commended at a national Internet awards ceremony in London for 'the use of new technology in empowering individuals locally'.

That was how the judges summed up the site which made it to the last three out of hundreds nominated in the New Statesman's New Media awards.

The site had been nominated and shortlisted in the Local Democracy Section.

In the end the London Borough of Newham took the top prize with its professionally produced site, but the Brookmans Park Newsletter, which carries content created by the community for the community, was a runner up ahead of professionally built sites such as the London Borough of Lewisham and Brixton Online.

The New Statesman competition is intended to bring publicity to the best and most exciting websites, to draw attention to how the Internet can bring elected officials closer to the people they represent and reward those individuals who have succeeded in harnessing new media to the best effect.

The New Statesman says it set up the Awards because it felt the Internet could prove a powerful tool to invigorate public debate, policy development and encourage accountability. 

According to the organisers, the new annual competition was set up as a means of fostering a wide-ranging debate that will seek out new ideas and reward excellence. It wants to, 'draw attention to the possibilities offered by new media such as the Internet as a tool that can help shape better government, foster social inclusion and enhance public life'.

In addition the competition seeks to demonstrate the power of the Internet as a communication device that goes beyond facilitating debate to actually encouraging civic participation.

The awards were presented by Dr Jack Cunningham MP at the ICA in the Mall, London. 

The commendation is a tribute to all the local groups who have contributed to the Website in the year since it was launched last June.

A big thanks to all who have made this possible.  Now let's try to win the award in 2000.

July 1, 1999


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