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Food hygiene checks updated

food hygiene results updated for Welwyn and Hertsmere

Welwyn and Hertsmere borough councils have both recently updated their hygiene surveys for local food businesses. They say the aim is to offer the public a more informed choice about where to eat.

Both councils base their tests on three criteria:

  1. food hygiene and safety
  2. structural hygiene
  3. confidence in management.
The findings cover all food businesses in Potters Bar, Brookmans Park and surrounding villages.

Food hygiene and safety includes food handling practices, procedures and temperature control.

Structural hygiene includes cleanliness, layout, condition of the building, lighting, ventilation and facilities (such as refrigeration).

Confidence in management includes the track record of the business, willingness to act on previous advice/enforcement, the complaint history and the attitude of management towards food hygiene and safety.

Click here to download and check the latest figures for food outlets in Welwyn Borough and click here to download the figures for Hertsmere Borough.

Please bear in mind that both authorities stress that the dates of the reports must be taken into consideration and may no longer be representative of the food hygiene standards of the business. As such, they should not be relied upon as a guide to food safety or food quality.

You can discuss this issue in a thread running in this site's forum.

17 August 2008

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