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Footpath improvements continue


Ramblers enjoying Walk 12 in this siteís series of strolls through the local countryside now have the benefit of a bench half way round offering views over the fields towards Potterells.

The bench, which can be found at point 10 on this map (click on the picture once to enlarge --- you can then print it and the instructions), has been provided thanks to the ongoing work of the North Mymms Parish Environmental Action Plan (PEAP).

Itís one of a number of projects being worked on by a committee of volunteers who meet several times a year to consider environmental improvements for the area.

Current projects include improvements to local footpaths, such as fencing, gates and surfaces.

If anyone has any ideas for the PEAP committee to consider, please add them to the discussion thread running on this site's forum.

9 August 2008

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