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Gobions play area ready to use

Information and pictures by Bob Horrocks

Gobions Open Space play area

New play equipment has been installed in Gobions Open Space ahead of schedule and under budget.

The work, carried out on behalf of North Mymms Parish Council, cost £64 short of the £21k budget for the project.

The design was approved by children at Brookmans Park primary school.

The arched climber and parallel bars have been removed and a number of other features installed including a dish roundabout, a low rotator, a firemanís tower, a pole-spin and a rotating beam.

Gobions Open Space play area

Safety surfacing has been laid where it was thought to be necessary.

Work still be carried out includes refurbishing the swings and, in response to requests, cutting the hedge in order to offer improved visibility of the play area. NMPC says that a mound of excess earth will be removed soon.

The parish council has two more play areas at Dellsome Lane and Hawkshead Road.

You can discuss this issue in a thread running on this site's forum.

22 August 2008

Note: Bob Horrocks is a North Mymms Parish councillor.
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