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Public urged to report speeding

flashing speed signs
Our online survey shows that 32% favour flashing speed signs

Local police have called on the public to report motorists who drive too fast, in an effort to cut down on speeding on local roads.

Community police officer, Jo Wakelen, writing in this site's forum, has urged local residents to let police know when they see someone speeding, as well as posting about it on this site's website.

You can contact PC Wakelen on 01707-638112.

PC Wakelen says the police are prepared to issue fines and points to deal with the problem.

"Please can you make us aware of this at the time as well as placing this sort of problem on the website.

"Myself and my colleagues are regularly conducting speeding checks and fines and points are being issued accordingly.

"Previously we have just given people advice and warnings about their speed etc, but it has now become such a problem that we have resorted to fines and points.

"We are very interested in any problems you as a community are suffering and will act accordingly to your complaints," PC Wakelen wrote.

Speeding on local roads is the most replied-to topic in this sites forum and the discussion thread has been viewed more than 27,500 times.

There is a poll, associated with the discussion thread, where local residents have been given the option to vote for traffic calming measures.

Because it is a multiple-choice vote, each person has the chance to vote twice.

Currently, the most popular traffic calming measure for Bluebridge Road and Dixon Hill Road is flashing warning signs.

Anyone who has already voted is entitled to add a second vote by logging on to the forum, going to the 'Speeding on local roads' discussion thread, scrolling to the top and casting their vote.

27 August 2007

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