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Spot checks reveal speeding problem

Bluebridge Road, Brookmans Park
37.5% of drivers on Bluebridge Road were breaking the speed limit

The local community police officer, PC Jitu Davé, has carried out a survey of traffic speeds along Brookmans Park's Bluebridge Road and Pine Grove.

He found that more than a third (37.5%) of motorists driving along Bluebridge Road were breaking the law.

Along Pine Grove, the survey revealed that 12% of drivers were travelling above the legal speed limit.

PC Jitu Dave reported his findings in this site's discussion forum.

His findings, below, have now been added to the news section of this site so that they are easier to find and refer to.

Local community police officer, Jitu Dave
PC Jitu Davé

Between 1st and 3rd August 2006, I carried out a traffic survey in Pine Grove and Bluebridge Road.

Pine Grove was done in the afternoon on Tuesday 1st August and Bluebridge Road was done in the afternoon on Wednesday 2nd August and in the morning on Thursday 3rd August.

The survey in Bluebridge Road was done at the junction of Bradmore Green, Bluebridge Avenue on 2nd August and at the junction of The Gardens on 3rd August.

A total of 330 vehicles of all types were checked for their speeds.

50 vehicles were surveyed in either direction in Pine Grove where a resident was present for a considerable amount of time during this survey.

I had the company of residents and curious passers-by during the survey in Bluebridge Road.

Six out of 50 vehicles in Pine Grove were driven at speeds of between 35 and 40 mph. It would be safe to say that very few vehicles were driven by students as the school has been closed for summer vacation.

I did visit Pine Grove the following day at 4.30 pm and 9am the day after, but there was not much traffic at that time.

Vehicles coming into and going out of Brookmans Park through Bluebridge Road were surveyed.

A total of 280 vehicles of all types were checked: 125 leaving and 155 entering Brookmans Park. 105 of them (41 vehicles leaving and 64 vehicles entering Brookmans Park) were driven at speeds ranging from 35 to 54 mph; 74 vehicles were driven at speeds of between 35 mph and 40 mph. 31 vehicles were driven in excess of 40 mph. The top speed was 54 mph.

I observed that people regardless of their social or marital status, colour, cast, creed, gender or age group drove at speed. Visitors, residents, business people; mums and dads with and without children on board their vehicles drove at speed.

Following my observation for three days, I was able to refute a resident's claim that only young people drove fast as I had seen older people exceed the speed limit.

Some people slowed down on seeing me; some did not even notice my presence in uniform and some carried on despite seeing me. Some people realised too late that I was present there because they were driving so fast. Some people were concerned at my presence, some others appreciated it. Some people were relieved that they were not caught speeding and some were apologetic.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

The important message for people who feel they have an excuse to exceed the speed limit is that they do not have an excuse because it is not worth it. People who allow ample time for their journey do not find it necessary drive at speed.

PC Jitu Davé

7 August 2006

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.
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