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Community PC bids a fond farewell

PC Elvett Phipps is moving on after a year as the local community police officer
PC Jitu Davé
After a year working as the local community police officer, PC Jitu Davé is moving on.

He says he is leaving with a ‘heavy heart’ after being accepted ‘wholeheartedly’ by ‘very special local people’.

The secretary of the local Neighbourhood Watch, Brenda Harris, says PC Jitu Dave will be sorely missed.

"Jitu made a great effort to get to know everyone in the local community.

"He was always seen about the village and he made sure everyone knew who he was and that he knew them too.

"He will be very much missed and will be a very hard act to follow. This is a very sad day for our community," she said.

PC Jitu Davé became the community officer for Brookmans Park, Welham Green, and Little Heath in September last year.

He says he has been proud to cover this area and has developed an affection for the people he has been working with.

Writing a farewell message in this site’s forum, PC Davé says he made a sincere effort to make a difference.

"I brought with me my own ideas of community policing which were no different to the old style of policing," he wrote.

"I have always believed in the community spirit and I would like to see it live on, especially in our area.

"We must constantly contribute to the community we live in.

"People must talk to each other and get to know each other to avoid and prevent many future problems.

"We are all busy but not so busy as not to be able to spare a few moments to say "hello" to each other.

"Getting to know people helps us understand them."

PC Jitu Davé was often seen out and about in the community calling in on local shopkeepers and visiting various local residents.

The area’s MP, Grant Shapps, says PC Davé will be greatly missed having established himself at the heart of the community.

In an email to this site, Mr Shapps paid the following tribute.

"Jitu Dave established himself at the heart of the Brookmans Park community within a very short period of time and he'll be greatly missed by both the local residents and shopkeepers with whom he had built up an excellent relationship.

"Whilst we're sad to see Jitu go we wish him well with his future career and hope that he will keep in touch with and perhaps even return to our community in the future."

You can say your farewell to PC Davé in a thread running in this site’s forum.

31 August 2006

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