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Gold for local chess champs

a chess set
Gold for local chess club
Little Heath and Brookmans Park Chess Club took fourth place in the inaugural Potters Bar Olympics on Bank Holiday Monday winning two gold, three silver and four bronze medals.

According to the club's Chris Cook, the gold medals were won in the chess and netball shooting, the silver in the rowing, table tennis and badminton, and the bronze in swimming, darts, crossbar challenge and the quarter marathon.

Click here for a report on the Little Heath and Brookmans Park Chess Club's website.

If any of the other teams who took part in the event want to post about their performance, you can do so by posting in a thread currently running in this site's discussion forum. Click here to read. Relevant details will be added to this story.

Further details about the Little Heath and Brookmans Park Chess Club's activities can be found on the club's website or by contacting Chris Cook on 01707-642027.

29 August 2006

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