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Police want to hear from the area's youth

Police say they want to hear the views of the area's young people. Image from the Herts Constabulary site.
Police say they want to hear the views of the area's young people. Image from the Herts Constabulary site.
Young people are being invited to give their views as to how communications with Hertfordshire police can be improved.

Hertfordshire Constabulary says the initiative is aimed at helping the police serve the community better.

In a news release emailed to this site, the police say that young people often get a bad press, frequently labelled as nuisances, but Herts Constabulary says it is eager to provide a service for all, young and old, and the views of the area’s young people are important.

They’ve put together a questionnaire, which will be online throughout August, in order to hear the views of young people.

Police say that all information submitted will be treated in strictest confidence.

According to Superintendent Rob Henry, young people under-19 make up a significant part of the county’s population. He says they deserve the chance to make their views known.

"We recognise that young people are quite often criticised unfairly by the public for the behaviour of a very small minority.

"We would encourage all young people to have their say by completing our online questionnaire and encourage their friends and siblings to do the same."

Anyone who does not have access to the internet or wishes to complete the survey by post can call Hertfordshire Police Authority on 01992 556600. (Please seek permission to make the call from whoever pays the phone bill).

The questionnaire is being used as part of a ‘Best Value Review’ of consultation and engagement by both Hertfordshire Constabulary and Hertfordshire Police Authority.

Note: This information is taken from a news release emailed to this site by Hertfordshire Constabulary. The Brookmans Park Newsletter is not part of this campaign and is simply passing on the information as part of its ongoing service to the local community. Click here to access the online questionnaire.

You can discuss this issue in this site's public forum by clicking here and joining the debate..

3 August 2005

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