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Local walk leaflet delivered to all parish homes

A new footbridge along the route of the first PEAP walk.
A new footbridge along the route of the first PEAP walk.
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Leaflets setting out details of a circular walk in the local countryside are being delivered to every home in North Mymms.

The one and a half hour walk highlights some of the historical and geological features in the area and is part of the Parish Environmental Action Plan (PEAP).

The walk has been devised and designed by a team of local volunteers and the leaflet has been produced thanks to an initiative led by the Countryside Management Service and the North Mymms Parish Council, in conjunction with North Mymms and District Green Belt Society, the Gobions Woodland Trust, the North Mymms Local History Society, the North Mymms Scouts, the Royal Veterinary College and this site.

The walk starts and finishes at Brookmans Park station via Water End and Welham Green. The leaflet includes a map, a dozen directions along the route, and eight points of interest with links to more information on this site.

There are another ten walks on this site with maps, points of interest, and directions. Click here for the local walks index.

All houses in North Mymms will have a copy of the leaflet delivered to them by September 9. Please click here to let us know if you have been missed out.

From September, further copies of the leaflet will be available at local public libraries, churches, pubs and Potterells Medical Centre.

Click here to see the front page of the brochure, or click here for the back page. Alternatively, you can click here to download the leaflet as a .pdf, although this file is large and will take time to download.

You can also discuss this issue and add your thoughts and suggestions about what could be done locally in a special thread on PEAPs in this site's forum.

18 August 2005

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