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National web award commendation

New Media Award commendation 200

The Brookmans Park Newsletter has again received a commendation in the annual New Statesman New Media awards.The site came runner-up in the Online Communities category behind the popular Friends Reunited site.

According to the judges, commendation means, "that the judges found the site excellent in design, content and execution, finding it very difficult indeed to choose the winner".

In previous years this site has won the Overall Merit award for having, "served the public interest in developing a democratically accountable civil society during the previous 12 months", and been commended once before for, "the use of new technology in empowering individuals locally."

Almost 100 sites were nominated for the Online Communities category. The judges then drew up a shortlist of 12 and, from that list, the winner and runner-up or runners-up in each category selected. The category was descibed, in the New Statesman competition details, as follows ...

"Shared interests help people to communicate. New media enables individuals to shrink the physical distances that separate them. The result falls into this category. This award is for those organisations that utilise new forms of media to create a space where people can connect with others, providing support, information and advice for each other across the world.

Thanks to those who nominated this site for the award and for all those who continue to contribute content for the benefit of the community.

The other runner-up was The Independent Media Centre. Some of the sites making the final twelve in the Online Communities category included ABC Tales and Fathers Direct.

The award ceremony takes place in Blackpool on October 1.

This site is hosted by Positive, the computer equipment is serviced by Falcon, the images are thanks to the loan of a camera from Fuji. It is non profit-making and created entirely by volunteers whose only reward is creating something of value to the community.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

21 August 2002

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