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Council forum on structure plan

Hertfordshire has set up a forum for people to discuss how the county should grow over the next 20 years.

The main issues contained in the proposed structure plan are the need for more affordable homes, how to attract business to the area and protecting the environment. The plan is now at the consultation stage.

The local authority has set up the forum, similar in design to the one on this site, so that people can register their comments.

To view and join the new HertsDirect forum click here.

It might be worth some of the regular contributors on this issue, who have so far been writing in the Brookmans Park Forum, having a look.

If you decide to contribute to the HertsDirect forum your views might be seen by those making decisions about the county's future.

If you do, and happen to mention our forum, it could be that the some decision-makers will be encouraged to visit the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum and read all the other housing, greenbelt and environment contributions made on this site too.

To view and join the new HertsDirect forum click here.

To read the Hertfordshire Structure Plan click here.

You can comment on this issue in this site’s Forum.

August 16, 2002

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