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Filming to feature village green

A film crew is to carry out its second session of filming in Brookmans Park next month as part of a television production. The team will be in action on Wednesday, September 1, from 11am to 2pm.

According to location manager, Alex Sutherland, the filming will take place around Station Road and the first turning left to Bradmore Green. Alex says traffic will still be able to use the roads and police will be on hand to help direct vehicles.

The company, 'Working Title Television', is in the early stages of making a film for television entitled, "Ready When You Are, Mr McGill". The team carried out an earlier shoot in Brookmans Park on August 12.

According to the producers the film is set behind the scenes on a long-running series called "Police Siren" and reveals the trials and tribulations of making a TV show. The film charts the day in the life of extra, Joe McGill.

The company says the filming has been organised in full cooperation with the local Police Traffic Management Unit, but if anyone has any questions they are invited to call Alex Sutherland on 07785-248-002 or his assistant Simon Nixon on 07989-533-921.

August 23, 2002

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