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'Fuffy' - three months on the wild side

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Fluffy is the cat on the left

Fluffy, a two-year-old long hair, ginger, grey and white tortoiseshell cat who had been missing from her home in the grounds of the Royal Vet College since Sunday May 7, has been found, safe and well, three months after leaving home.

Karen, her owner, says the cat, who was new to the area, was found  less than half a mile from her home.  There were fears that Fluffy, who was described as very shy and nervous of strangers, would never be found.  But Karen did not give up.

She sent letters round the neighbourhood, put a message on this website and searched local sheds and garages.

Then one night as Karen was returning home she spotted Fluffy in her car headlights near the pond on Hawkshead Lane. The cat appeared to be hunting.

A neighbour then reported that a cat, fitting Fluffy's description was eating food left out for hedgehogs at two houses in the area.

With the co-operation of those neighbours Fluffy was caught. Despite living in the wild for three months Fluffy seemed no worse for her experience.

In an e-mail to the Brookmans Park Newsletter Karen wrote: "Just a note to let you know that I managed to capture my cat and this was possible thanks to the help and information given be neighbours along Hawkshead Lane. 

"May we take this opportunity to thank all those residents of New Cottages and Hawkshead Lane who so kindly telephoned over the last 8 weeks regarding the whereabouts of my cat Fluffy.

"Thanks to your help we were able to capture her.  She is fit and well, just a little thinner for her ordeal.

"Special thanks to Sedrick at number 73 and Haze at number 51 who put up with my partner and I wandering through their gardens to check the cat traps, and to Marion (local cat protection league) and Nicky, animal welfare warden at Welwyn and Hatfield Council.

But there is a twist in the tale. As soon as Fluffy number one was found, another grey and white tortoiseshell cat, also female and also called Fluffy went missing in the same area. Now the search is on for Fluffy number 2.

August 9, 2000

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