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Traffic restrictions for Hawkshead Lane

Hawkshead Lane should have new traffic restrictions, according to Welwyn Hatfield Council.

The authority’s traffic and development engineer has written to the North Mymms Green Belt Society saying that permission for alterations at the Royal Veterinary College is subject to the introduction of new traffic measures.

The RVC recently submitted, and had approved, plans for an extension to its facilities at the Hawkshead Lane site.

The response from the council follows representations made by the NMGBS following recent damage to the bridge at the west end of Hawkshead Lane following two accidents in three months.

The council’s stance has been welcomed by the NMGBS who says it is pleased that action is being taken. They have repeated their assertion that the road is unsuitable for the traffic that is using it now.

In an open letter, the honorary secretary of the NMGBS, Bob Horrocks, says the road is now being considered for inclusion in the traffic and environment priority list.

He has also forwarded the reply from Sam McKee, the traffic and development engineer for WHC, in which he says the RVC is required to install a range of traffic calming features on Hawkshead Lane to address highway safety issues.

“You may have seen some indicative layouts which include gateway features, traffic calming, chicanes and a 30 mph speed restriction. A lorry ban for the west end of Hawkshead Lane is another feature the council consider to be desirable.

“Apart from the measures associated with the RVC, the Council has no planned traffic management schemes proposed for Hawkshead Lane. However your concerns have been registered for consideration for inclusion in the Traffic and Environment Priority List.

Click here to see pictures taken last month showing the extent of the damage.

August 14, 2000

Have Your Say: What is the solution to the continued damage to Hawkshead bridge? Have Your Say

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