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Hawkshead bridge - repairs continue

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Large traffic, leaving the Royal Vet College, is being diverted away from Hawkshead Lane bridge.  Digital camera on loan from Fujifilm. Image heavily compressed for download.

One of the parapets on Hawkshead Lane bridge has been rebuilt following recent damage to both walls. Cracked brickwork on the south parapet has now been removed and work is underway to make good that wall.

Meanwhile signs have been erected outside both exits from the Royal Vet College at the east end of Hawkshead Lane diverting large vehicles away from the bridge.

Local residents who live along Hawkshead Lane have been campaigning against the bridge and lane being used by large vehicles. There is currently a three ton weight restriction on the approach to the narrow structure.

Click here to see pictures taken last month showing the extent of the damage.

Only three months earlier the bridge had been closed for two weeks while repairs on similar damage were carried out.

August 5, 2000

Have Your Say: What is the solution to the continued damage to Hawkshead bridge? Have Your Say

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