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Security firm "harassed" by public

Security signs around Leach Fields
Nationwide Security were on site for one week

Nationwide Security Ltd says it pulled its staff off the Leach Fields site because the company was "fed up with staff being harassed by members of the public."

Earlier today police told this site that security for the fields was changing hands.

We contacted Nationwide Security Ltd and discovered that a culmination of alleged incidents had led to the company’s decision.

What is known is that police have been investigating damage to a digger, a security guard’s car and fences, but it is not clear whether there were any other incidents that led to the company’s decision.

On Monday, 30 March, a security guard received 30% burns after a fire inside the hut; he is now recovering in hospital. Officers confirmed last night that there were no suspicious circumstances and that they are treating the incident as an accident.

Meanwhile officers are warning that action will be taken against anyone found to have caused criminal damage on the site.

Boundaries secured

Boundaries secured
Ray Brook boundary

Contractors have now piled earth against all boundaries around Leach Fields, including the south boundary along Ray Brook.

The earth is also piled to the west of the West Path in Gobions, which is now accessible with care following the removal of two footbridges, although it hasn't been officially reopened yet by the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT).

Leach Fields had been leased to the Gobions Woodland Trust (GWT), but the owners, Leach Homes, decided not to renew that lease at the end of last year.

You can discuss the Leach Fields in this site's forum.

3 April 2009

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