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Police offer to keep an eye on your home when you are away

Police have renewed their offer to keep an eye on local homes when people are away on holiday.

The offer was first made earlier this year and officers say that the feedback has been positive, but they would like to extend the offer as they attempt to reduce the number of burglaries at local, vacant homes.

PCSO, Louise Luxford, says people can contact her directly or her colleague, PC Ross Freeman, who is contactable via email at ross (dot) freeman (at) herts (dot) pnn (dot) police (dot) uk.

According to PCSO Luxford, the local community team is more than happy to drive past the homes of people who are on vacation and look out for anything.

The local community police can't offer a 24x7 security service, and what's on offer doesn't guarantee that homes won't be visited by burglars, but it may help the local team know where the risks are.

PCSO Luxford and her team regularly patrol local roads as part of their daily crime prevention activity. If you want to let the local police team know when you will be away you can call PCSO Luxford on 01707-806947 or 806948 or email her at louise (dot) luxford (at) herts (dot) pnn (dot) police (dot) uk.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

7 April 2009

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