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Gobions bluebell walks

Gobions bluebell walks
The Gobions bluebells

Two dates for your diary - guided walks along the paths through Gobions to see the annual display of bluebells.

The walks, popular with locals for many years, have now been made official by the new custodians of Gobions, the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT).

The voluntary warden for Gobions Woodland has mailed this site with a flyer that has been published to advertise the two organised walks on Thursday 30 April and Thursday 7 May.

Those wanting to take part are encouraged to wear suitable clothing and footwear and advised to bring a camera. Please feel free to post any pictures in this site's forum.

Gobions bluebell walks
The Gobions bluebells

The guide will be waiting for anyone who wants to take part in the car park at Gobions at 2pm. The car park is reached by going down the track between 90 and 94 Moffats Lane.

Those unable to make those dates are, of course, free to explore the bluebells at any other time. They are to be found in the south-east corner of Gobions to the east of the old path to Folly Arch.

Gobions bluebell walks
The Gobions bluebells

As always, conservationists are urging those enjoying the bluebells to stick to the paths and not to pick the flowers, but to leave them for all to enjoy.

13 April 2009

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