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Community boost for Welham Green

By Peter Hastings

Welham Green
Welham Green shops

Last summer several public meetings were organised by Welwyn Borough Council reflecting a growing concern about anti-social behaviour and the breakdown of community in Welham Green.

From this grew the Welham Green As One group, made up of local residents and business people. We include young people and police as well as representatives of both the borough council and North Mymms Parish Council.

We have revived the Welham Green Youth Project and through them the young people have obtained funding to allow construction of a youth shelter on the parish council grounds near the football pitch off Dellsome Lane.

We are listening to the young people and encouraging and supporting them in arranging other activities and clubs that would give a constructive use for their time.

At the same time we are all engaged in putting together a Good Neighbourhood Agreement which will emphasise responsibilities including that of supporting the police with assistance and information when our community is threatened by anti-social behaviour.

A weekend of events is being planned to celebrate our community and the anniversary of Balloon Day when the first hot air balloon landed in Welham Green. This will be on September 13 and 14.

We are meeting at the Burns Pavilion Welham Green at 6.30pm Tuesday 22 April and anyone offering ideas or support for any of our activities is welcome or can contact me, Peter Hastings, by logging on to this site’s forum and sending me a personal message.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

20 April 2008

The author, Peter Hastings, is a North Mymms Parish councillor and the chair of the Welham Green At One group.
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