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Bulls Lane site opposed

Land identified as a possible travellers site at Bell Bar - image courtesy of Freddy O'Hare
The proposed site at Bulls Lane - image courtesy of Freddy O'Hare

The green belt society has delivered leaflets to local homes setting out its opposition to the proposal for a site for the gypsy and traveller community at Bulls Lane, Bell Bar.

The four page document, produced by the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) includes a form for residents to sign and send to the Government Office for the East of England.

The form contains a dozen objections to the proposal which the NMDGBS says it has prepared as its suggested response to the proposals because the society feels the site is “totally unsuitable".

“This society acknowledges the need for more pitches in the East of England region, but they must be at suitable locations, and they should be provided over a realistic number of years," the NMDGBS leaflet reads.

The document also suggests local residents visit the Government Office for the East of England site and read the information about the plans for gypsy and traveller accommodation needs. Click here for the relevant page.

The government site says that last month, members of the gypsy and traveller community were updated on the progress of the proposals, and quotes Gloria Buckley, a member of the gypsy and traveller community in the East of England, who the site said took part in the event.

"Gypsies and travellers, like every other community, need somewhere to live. The East of England is a large region - over 7,300 square miles. Shortage of space is not an issue; what we have had is a shortage of understanding. I hope that today's event and this consultation process will begin to break down the barriers that have existed for too long."

The NMDGBS says its response forms need to be returned by 10 May.

This site has a number of discussion threads on this issue, click here for the main discussion page.

27 April 2008

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