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Entertaining for the love of it

The Breakaways Cavalcade - image courtesy of The Breakaways Cavalcade

They’ve been performing for 17 years, raised more than £10,000 for assorted charities and brought smiles to the faces of thousands in nursing homes and hospitals. Now, The Breakaways Cavalcade has launched a website .

The 17-strong entertainment troupe is mainly made up of parents of past pupils at Chancellor’s School in Brookmans Park, who met while performing in the twice-yearly PTA shows.

They enjoyed performing together so much that they decided to offer their talents to those who would normally not be able to attend a show or who might not be able to travel.

As a result, they are now performing around 40 times a year at small or large venues from village halls to senior citizens residential or care homes within roughly a 20-mile radius of Potters Bar.

The group makes no charge, although they will accept donations which they pass on to registered charities chosen by members.

Some members of The Breakaways Cavalcade still work, so they can only accept booking for weekday evenings or daytime visits at the weekends.

The new website gives details of how to contact The Breakaways Cavalcade but the site does warn that the group tends to get booked for Christmas and other special dates, so if you want a visit you will need to contact them early to avoid disappointment.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

April 1, 2007

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