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Neighbourhood watch invited to Police HQ

Police control room
A police control room helps officers respond to crime
The Chief Constable of Hertfordshire, Frank Whiteley, has offered to meet local neighbourhood watch members and show them round the police control room in Welwyn Garden City.

Brenda Harris, secretary of the Brookmans Park Crime Prevention Group, says the invitation was passed on by the area's new community PC, Elvett Phipps.

Brenda suggested that the invitation be publicised on this website to see if there are any neighbourhood watch members who would like to join the visit.

PC Phipps is currently checking out the maximum number allowed for the visit, but if anyone is interested in taking part and seeing how the police control room works, please contact Brenda on 01707-655355.

You can discuss local crime in this site’s forum.

30 April 2005

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