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Yellow Pages recycling plan

Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages are to be recycled for school paper
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
The council is asking all residents not to put old copies of Yellow Pages in the newspaper recycling boxes, or throw them out with the weekly rubbish.

Throughout this month, yellow wheelie bins will be available for recycling the yellow directories.

Welwyn Hatfield District Council says Yellow pages can be recycled and pulped to make free colour paper for schools, however a separate process is needed from that used to recycle normal newsprint.

The authority estimates the weight of all the old Yellow Pages in Welwyn Hatfield alone to be around 60 tonnes. The authority is keen to recycle as much as possible rather than see the old copies filling up landfill space.

To recycle your directory, visit one of the following locations and look out for the bright yellow wheelie bin.


  • Asda, town centre
  • Jim McDonald Centre, off Bishops Rise
  • Housing Needs Office, Lemsford Road
  • Hatfield Leisure Centre, Travellers Lane
Welwyn Garden City
  • WH Smith, Howard Centre
  • Campus West Reception
  • Council Offices, Campus East
  • Douglas Tilbe House, Hall Grove
  • Sainbury's, Church Road
For further information call 01707-357818.

This feature was added following a suggestion from a member of the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum. You can discuss this issue in the forum.

7 April 2004

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