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Village webcam goes live

Brookmans Park Village Green in the snow
A picture taken by the webcam during the recent snow fall in Brookmans Park
After weeks of testing, the Brookmans Park Village webcam is now broadcasting pictures from Bradmore Green - but only during daylight hours.

The view over the village green can be seen during the day, seven days a week. If you visit the page during the hours of darkness there will be a notice saying when the camera will be live again.

Eventually we hope to provide pictures 24 hours a day, but, until then, the feed will follow the times for sunrise and sunset taken from the BBC website's local weather page.

The webcam offers local residents and those who have moved away, the chance to check up on village life during the day.

Click here to view the Brookmans Park Village webcam.

Download times will depend on your connection speed and how many other users are trying to access the feed at the same time.

The legal issues regarding running a webcam have been checked with the Information Commissioner, the Home Office, and Hertfordshire Police. All have agreed that what the Brookmans Park Newsletter is offering users is within the law and can be allowed to go ahead.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

1 April 2004

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