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Council calls for dog mess clean-up

Red dog waste bin at Gobions Open Space
While this picture was being taken two dog owners allowed their pets to foul the grass and failed to clear up.
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Dog owners are being urged to clear up after their pets when taking them for a walk. The plea comes from North Mymms Parish Council.

The authority says Gobions Open Space is becoming a ‘brown field site’ because of the amount of dog mess.

The council says dog owners should carry plastic bags and a scoop so that they can remove any mess left behind by their pets.

The authority has provided special red bins around the open spaces and these are regularly emptied by council staff.

“Although we have placed bins at areas such as Gobions Open Space, some people are still refusing to use them,” a council spokesperson said.

“People tell us they get verbally abused if they confront these offending dog walkers. However, it must be worth the temporary upset. The more they have to defend their inaction the more chance there is of them accepting their social responsibility and changing their ways.”

The parish council says dog dirt attracts children like a magnet, making a disgusting mess on their skin and clothes as well as presenting health dangers.

The council says people should not have to watch where they walk in order to avoid stepping in dog dirt and say that if some dog owners took more responsibility the problem would go away.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

16 April 2004

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