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Police issue travel warning to lone females

Police Alert
British Transport Police are investigating an alleged indecent exposure on a train between Kings Cross and Brookmans Park.

The alleged incident, which police say involved a lone female being approached by a man, happened on Saturday 10 April.

Although British Transport Police are dealing with the reported incident on the train, the local community police officer, Vojislav Mihailovic, e-mailed this site asking for a warning to be published.

PC Mihailovic says people shouldn't panic, but single females using the train between Brookmans Park and Kings Cross should make sure they use carriages that are occupied by several people or by someone they know.

If anyone has any information they should contact British Transport Police on 0800-40-50-40, or the local police on 01707-638100.

A forum post on this issue has been removed for legal reasons.

11 April 2004

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