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Potters Bar memorial service - one year on

Investigators and engineers examine the track at Potters Bar
Image linked to at BBC News Online

A service of commemoration is to be held in Potters Bar to mark the first anniversary of the rail crash which claimed seven lives.

The service, on Saturday 10 May, will be held in a large marquee in the grounds of Mount Grace School in Church Road, beginning at 2.30pm.

The school offered to host the service because many of its pupils travel by train and use Potters Bar station.

A key part of the ceremony will be the lighting of seven candles in memory of those who died, with another three being lit to represent the injured, the local community and members of the rescue services.

A ‘tree of life’ will be planted in the school grounds by pupils as their own tribute to the tragedy.

It will be a Christian service, but there will be a Buddhist element in memory of the two Taiwanese women who lost their lives and their friend who was seriously injured.

The event is open to the public and will last about 45 minutes. It has been organized by the community of Potters Bar, local clergy, British Transport Police and representatives of the rail industry.

Memorial garden

There will be a second, private ceremony, to dedicate a memorial garden which has been built next to the scene of the tragedy, close to the station.

The memorial garden features a spiral path edged by large natural stone blocks that also provide a seated area. Surrounding the seating area is a ring of ornamental pear trees (Pyrus calleryana - Chanticleer) selected for attractive white blossom in April and May and providing a natural screen for those using the garden.

A ceremony of dedication will take place at the garden at 12:56 to coincide with the time of the derailment. Bereaved families have been invited to attend.

During the short ceremony there will be no train movement through the station as a mark of respect and road traffic in the immediate vicinity will come to a standstill. Local businesses and residents are being notified of local traffic arrangements.

BBC News Online has a special report on the Potters Bar Rail Crash.

A discuss thread began in this this site's forum soon after the crash happened.

24 April 2003

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