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Increase in thefts from sheds and garages

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Police are urging local residents to consider increased security for their sheds and garages following an increase in thefts.

They are also warning people not to keep valuable items, such as bicycles, golf clubs or fishing tackle in outbuildings unless they are protected by additional security.

Hertfordshire police say that people should consider extending their home intruder alarm systems to cover the garage and shed.

Officers say that the spring and summer is a particularly bad time for such thefts, but say that some simple systems can be installed to protect all areas, including garages and sheds.

They also recommend storing smaller items of value in a strong metal box with a good quality padlock.

Garden tools are another target for thieves and they should be stored under lock and key. They also say residents should lock away old tools which can turn out to be valuable to a thief who is looking for something to help break into a home.

The local Crime Prevention Officers can be contacted for further free advice about preventative measures. The numbers for the local area are as follows…

  • PC Sue Smith - 01727 796 020
  • PC Linda Stevens - 01727 796 021
  • Gary Sibson - 01727 796 005

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29 April 2003

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