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Lack of blood donors ends local sessions

Not enough people turned up for the blood donation sessions at the URC
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

A lack of donors led to The National Blood Service (NBS) cancelling future bookings at Brookmans Park’s United Reformed Church.

A spokesperson for the service said that not enough people were attending the twice-yearly sessions to make it worthwhile continuing.

To make a session viable, the NBS needs 110-125 regular donors. According to the service, Brookmans Park provided an average of only 80 regular donors.

The spokesperson said they might look at another venue in Brookmans Park if there were indications that more people might attend, but at the moment there are no plans to return to the village.

According to the NBS website, the nearest venue for sessions are in Potters Bar at Elm Court Youth and Community Centre in Mutton Lane, Wyllyotts Centre in Darkes Lane and a mobile unit at Tesco’s in Mutton Lane.

You can search for the next nearest session by typing your postcode into the box on the National Blood Service 'sessions' page.

You can discuss the issue of local blood donation sessions in this site’s forum.

17 April 2003

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