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Public meetings to discuss airport plans

Herts says there is no need for more runways at Stansted or Luton
Image courtesy of FreeFoto
Hertfordshire County Council has organised six public meetings to allow people to have their say about the government’s airport expansion plans.

The authority is teaming up with East Herts and Essex in urging ministers to reconsider proposals for additional runways at Stansted and the expansion of Luton.

Councillor Derrick Ashley, who speaks on environment issues, says the expansions are not needed and that the authority’s own research shows that future demand can be met without building new runways in the southeast.

The three authorities have produced a brochure setting out their views on ...

  • How demand can be managed and met until 2015
  • Why the government should address the environmental impact of aviation before making decisions about infrastructure
  • What the alternatives to meeting future demand might be, including the European aviation market or the potential for an offshore airport beyond 2015.
Six public meetings have been organised to give local residents the chance to have their say about the proposals and to hear from the group campaigning against the expansion.

The nearest meeting is to be held at Hertfordshire County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford at 19:30 on Thursday 10 April.

The full list of public meetings is as follows ...

  • County Hall, Hertford - 10 April
  • Charis Centre, Bishops Stortford - May 7
  • Town Hall, Hitchin - May 22
  • Civic Hall, Broxbourne - May 27
  • Town Hall, Berkhamsted - June 4
  • Rothamsted Research Centre, Harpenden - June 13.
The Government’s consultation period ends on June 30 and a questionnaire plus a copy of the consultation document can be obtained by phoning 0845 100 5554 or via the website

This feature was added following a suggestion from a member of the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum. You can discuss this issue in the forum.

3 April 2003

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