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Online residents' association takes shape

It looks as though there is enough interest developing in the Brookmans Park Forum to warrant the formation of a new online local residents' association for the area.

Already eight forum members have volunteered to be committee members. A constitution is being drafted and committee responsibilities worked out.

Basically, the idea is to try to act on some of the issues raised in the forum so that it becomes more than a place to talk about issues and more of a place to achieve results.

A name has yet to be agreed but the front-runners seem to be the NMORA (North Mymms Online Residents' Association) or NMVRA (North Mymms Virtual Residents' Association).

It is not aimed at replacing the old NMRA (North Mymms Residents' Association), because those involved don't aim to speak for the whole community, just those online and those bothered to take part in the Brookmans Park Forum.

So in that respect its brief is limited but there seems to be enough involvement and concern in local issues expressed in the forum to warrant some sort of body to discuss whether to take action on the most responded to topics.

If you want to be on the committee or simply a member of the residents' association join the forum debate or e-mail

April 16, 2002

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