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Virtual residents' association next steps

A former committee member of the old NMRA has passed on a few tips regarding the possible setting up of a new virtual residents' association.

If an association is formed it needs a name and a recognised group of officials – a committee - to decide what issues should be taken up on behalf of the association, how those issue are raised and with whom.

The issue is being debated in the forum please join the debate if you are interested.

So the association probably needs a chair, a secretary and a treasurer - although if this is all done online there will probably be no need for a treasurer with no postage or paper necessary. Those recognised officials and any others anyone can think of would then agree on the association's agenda.

An e-mail alias can be set up, say, which could point to the mailboxes of the committee members.  They could then send and receive mail to and from  A signature could be added to all mails with the name of the association etc.

JET has already put his hand up for the position of chair, Anna has volunteered to join in and Mary has said that she will play a part – albeit from overseas.

There should probably be a poll organised for the various positions? Obviously it would be good to get a broad representation of views and backgrounds on the committee.

A secure area of the forum, visible only to certain forum members who are on the committee, can be set up.  There they could discuss issues to be raised and agree on wording. This can all be done online and all without having to leave the house/office.

All members of the committee group could have the title Residents' Association and that could follow all their postings on the Forum. They could then post issues for debate in the general area and take the conclusions back to the residents' association forum before they are raised with the various authorities.

It will be important that if a residents' association is formed it represents views of the majority and not just a few individuals but the forum and the poll facility could be used to find the widest consensus of opinion before issues are followed up.

The issue is being debated in the forum please join the debate if you are interested.

April 15, 2002

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