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Virtual residents' association?

Two years ago this summer the North Mymms Residents' Association (NMRA) held its final meeting. Four people turned up for that gathering including officials.

After that meeting, membership secretary Tony Dodd told this site that the lack of interest was probably due to a change in lifestyle. He felt that with many working longer hours and commuting further they were less likely to want to spend an evening getting together to discuss local issues.

Judging by the interest in local issues expressed in this site's forum he might have been on the right track. People seem keen to discuss local issues but are comfortable, for whatever reason, to do that online from the home or office.

So should that interest and concern be harnessed? Could as much be achieved through an online forum if a number of forum members formed a committee and made sure that issues raised online were taken a step further?

Could the NMRA become the VNMRA - the Virtual North Mymms Residents' Association, with its meeting place becoming this site's forum?

The NMRA clearly achieved things. In its final full year the annual report listed the following.

  • Writing to the council re Slough Estates
  • Attending meetings regarding the District Plan
  • Contacting Chancellors School regarding litter dropped by children
  • Two village clean ups in October 98 and April 99
  • Helped in getting road markings in Brookmans Park and Welham Green
  • Ensuring the road around Brookmans JMI School is kept in good repair
  • Monitoring local developments and repairs i.e. 31 Pine Grove, Folly Lodge, etc
  • Monitoring and contacting firm’s re overnight van parking at Bradmore Green
  • Contacting WAGN re state of Brookmans Park and Welham Green Stations
  • Monitoring speeding traffic in Bluebridge Road and Station Road and liasing with police on results of traffic survey
  • Produced and circulated two newsletters
  • Wrote to council regarding blocked gullies in Station Road and Bluebridge Road

In fact a list of issues similar to those regularly discussed in this site's forum. So is this the place to continue the spirit and achievements of the former NMRA? Would anybody be interested in forming a VNMRA?

Is it a daft idea or a brilliant plan to make the collective voice of the forum more relevant? An item has been placed in the forum to test the water. You can add your views.

A former official from the former NMRA has been contacted to see whether he could help suggest the best organisational make up of such a group and to gather from him some of the contacts he had when working with the NMRA.

April 12, 2002

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