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Forum created for local teenagers

A special area of this site's forum has been created for local teenagers to discuss issues that affect their lives.

It will be moderated by three local youths who have already been posting elsewhere in this site. The change means they now have their own space which they are in control of.

Hopefully all will continue to post in other sections as before but they now have a dedicated area where all posts can be about issues associated with life as a local teenager.

The moderators have made valuable contributions in the last few days and their input has helped balance the debate about facilities for young people in the area.

They use the nicknames of Alfonso Jebbadiah The Third, aqueous transmission and Nirvana Rock.

The Teenagers' Forum is not a restricted area. All age groups can look in, read the posts and contribute to the debates.

And just to repeat, all young users of this site are encouraged to continue to post in other sections to help broaden the debate and educate those for whom the teenage years are a distant memory or an experience yet to happen.

The three moderators will be responsible, as are all moderators on this site, for ensuring the standards of taste and decency, set out in the registration agreement, are adhered to.  And as with all sections two general moderators will help with that task.

Forum Admin

April 19, 2002

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