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Getting the most out of the Forum

This is a quick refresher for old and new members about how to use this forum.

Changing your profile

Once you have registered for the forum you can change your profile at any time by clicking on the profile tab. There you can choose an icon from a list of characters or you can leave that blank. You can select a slogan and write a signature message that will be at the end of every post. Again you are free to leave that blank too.

Anonymity and privacy

As you probably know you can hide your e-mail details from the public or make them visible. If you get tired of your user name and want to change it you can do so in the 'profile' area. The new name will then be displayed alongside all your earlier posts. Some might want to use this if they have been posting anonymously but now feel comfortable letting their name be seen. Alternatively some who have had their name visible might want to opt for a nickname. Again all previous messages will assume the new identity.

Quoting other message

If you see a point made in a post, which you want to quote, you can do this by clicking the 'quote' tab in their message. You can then edit the quote to include only the bits you want. When you have done so their quote, with a link to their original message and username, appears within your new post. This helps put your comments in context if you are continuing a line of debate in an early post.

Long threads

Some discussions have gone over to two or more pages. Always look for the number at the top and the bottom of the message. If the number has gone up from 1 to 2 or 3, always click on the highest number to read the latest post. The system is set so that the first post you see is the first to have been posted rather than the most recent. This is so that you can see the context in which the debate began before reading the lastest posting, which might have moved on from the original point.

Latest posts

You can see what has been posted since your last visit by going to the front page of the site and checking whether there is a red 'New' on any posts. If you want a snapshot of the updated topics since your last visit, you can click on the view '10 most recent posts' to see the latest activity since your last visit. This tab is on the front page and on the forum index page. You can also see who is online and using the forum from the front page and from the bottom of the forum index page.

Messaging other members

You can message other members by clicking on their name, going to the bottom of their profile box and selecting to send them an instant message. A box will pop up telling them they have mail next time they log in. All members can also go to their message box and click on settings and enable all instant messages to arrive in their e-mail box. Some misunderstandings might be best clarified in the instant message system.

Repeat posts

It is always worth checking, if you are thinking of posting on an issue, whether that issue has been posted before. If it has it might be best to join the existing thread. If you feel you are starting a new line on that topic feel free to start a new post.

Reply post notification

You can select on all posts to be notified by e-mail if someone replies to a message you posted or one you are following. The option is at the bottom of message.

Space at bottom of posts

Some have been leaving a load of white space at the bottom of their posts. My guess is that some are writing their contributions in Word and copying it over. That is fine but if there is a gap at the bottome it means that people have to scroll further to see the next post and get less information on their screens. The easy way to tighten this up is by making sure you delete after the last word in your post. Put your curser at the end of your last sentence and keep hitting delete and it will get rid of the white space.


You will notice that some forum members have been assigned 'moderator' status. They have volunteered to look after various sections and help ensure quality control. They can edit, move or remove posts but can't see any personal details. Only the forum administrator can see all the details submitted.

April 4, 2002

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