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Forum registration abuse

Over the past 24 hours there have been a number of people registering for the forum using false e-mail addresses.

Because of that, security has been tightened for the forum. The registration procedure has been changed so that anyone registering from now on will be sent a password to the e-mail address they submitted.

Of course if they submit a bogus address they won't get a password and won't get in.

As another security measure a personal e-mail will be sent to the account a few days later requesting a response.

Most users will have seen an e-mail sent out this afternoon (Thursday, April 18) testing for bogus e-mail addresses.

Out of the 116 registered since the forum started two months ago, only four were found to be bogus. Those users and their posts have been removed. Only one post was lost.

They are free to register again using a valid e-mail address and start posting again.

Apologies for this and for bothering regular valid users with this procedure but it is the only way to try to prevent abuse and assure some element of quality control.

You can follow this issue in the forum or join the debate on general issues.


Forum Administrator

April 18, 2002

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