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Dog owners urged to clear up mess

A correspondent to this site's 'Have Your Say' section has highlighted the problem of some dog owners in Brookmans Park who are not clearing up after their pets.

He says the problem is particularly bad near the school and says owners have a responsibility to clear up after their animals, particularly in public places

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Should dog owners clear up after their pets?
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Last month a number of people raised the same issue following the closure of Gobions Open Space as a precaution against foot-and-mouth.

One pointed out that as there are few if any stray dogs in the village, those fouling the pavements and verges must be doing so at the end of a leash.

Many dog owners are carrying bags to clear up after their pets but it seems some are not. Now the issue has been raised again with the latest e-mail urging dog owners to be particularly careful near the school with children returning to lessons following the Easter break

April 23, 2001 Europe has a special section with the latest news and background information on the foot-and-mouth outbreak.
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