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Footpath reopening plan back on track

Hertfordshire says around 400 footpaths and more than 30 sites and commons have been opened following the easing of foot-and-mouth restrictions. And the authority says more sites are being opened daily.

The county's reopening programme was delayed just before Easter after bogus signs were put up saying certain areas were open that had not been cleared for use.

Many of the reopened areas are in Welwyn Hatfield.

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Hertfordshire County Council now says all those signs have been destroyed. New notices that are designed to be more difficult to copy are now being used.

These new green notices tell the public a route is open. If there isn't a green sign, the route is still closed. The authority says there are still some areas that will, for the time being, remain closed.

“Where areas or sites have been assessed and remain closed this is due to proximity of susceptible livestock or the need for the land to be used as grazing by susceptible livestock in the future, the authority says on its website.

And the county is warning that areas currently open could close again.

If there is an infection in Hertfordshire, or if users do not comply with the Code Of Conduct, (printed on the website) routes and sites may be closed again and removed from the open list.”

For more details you can ring 01438 737300/ 01438 737321/01923 471300 or 01923 471321. Details will also be available in libraries and district council offices.

April 20, 2001 Europe has a special section with the latest news and background information on the foot-and-mouth outbreak.
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