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Builders uncover historical treasure

The banner of the magazine found in a cottage cavity
The banner of the magazine found in a cottage cavity

During renovations to a cottage in Huggins Lane, Welham Green, a builder came across a time capsule of historical treasures jammed behind a cupboard.

It was as he moved the wood away from the wall that the items began spilling out of a cavity.

Among the pens and papers was a dusty and sooty copy of the monthly magazine, ‘The Illustrated Carpenter & Builder’, dating back to August 15, 1930.

The magazine, then in its fifty third year is priced at twopence.

Inside are adverts offering a saw for 10s-6d, about 50p in today’s money, a cooking range for £3, including delivery to any railway station, or a new house, built from scratch, for as little as £500.

The magazine also features an article by the late H.M. Alderman, a local historian.

There are already a number of features written by Mr Alderman and reproduced on this site thanks to the North Mymms Local History Society.

Mr Alderman’s article entitled, ‘Notes and sketches in Hertfordshire’, included information about Shenley, Ridge, Chipping Barnet and North Mymms.

However only the information and sketches about North Mymms have been reproduced in this site's history section (click here).

April 5, 2000

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