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MP 'shares concerns' over admissions

Welwyn Hatfield MP Melanie Johnson has written to the organisers of the campaign against changes to Chancellor’s admissions criteria saying she shares the concerns expressed by parents at Brookmans Park School.

The Labour MP was sent details of the campaign and the case being put to the School’s Adjudicator before Hertfordshire County Council voted last month to continue with its objection to the proposal.

A petition accompanied by hundreds of letters from concerned parents is now being considered by the Adjudicator who has also been sent a 20-page dossier by Chancellor’s school supporting its plan for altering the admission criteria.

Brookmans Park Primary used to be the preferred feeder school for the village secondary school, but the new rules would change that, making the local primary one of 21 schools bidding for places.

Education Secretary informed

In her letter Melanie Johnson says she is pleased the objections raised by the parents are now being considered by the School’s Adjudicator. 

“I can assure you that I share your concerns and have written to the RT Hon David Blunkett MP, the Secretary of State for Education and Environment to pass on the concerns expressed by many parents. Thank you for writing to me about this important issue,” she writes.

The Adjudicator is set to issue a ruling by the middle of September.

If any parent wants to contact the Schools Adjudicator's office to enquire about their letter or the official form, they should ring (01325-391318 or 01325-391304) .

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