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Adjudicator to rule in September

The Schools Adjudicator will decide in September whether to endorse Chancellor's new admissions criteria or reject the proposed changes.

Parents of children at Brookmans Park Primary school have been campaigning in force against the plan.

Letters of opposition have been flooding in to the Adjudicator's office and staff there say feelings are running high.

A spokesman confirmed that the response has been exceptionally large. Many parents who had signed a petition opposing the proposed admissions changes also wrote letters demanding a re-think.

The Schools Adjudicator's office has responded to some of those letters by sending out an official form asking parents to register their complaint. The spokesman said not all parents would get a form but that 10 have been sent out to meet the legal requirement.

All the letters will be read by the Adjudicator who will reach a decision by the end of September.

Up to now Brookmans Park has been a preferred feeder school for Chancellor's but under the proposed changes would become just one of 21 Hertfordshire schools with an equal claim on places.

The parents say this is unfair and if allowed to go ahead would alter the character of the village forever with children being bussed out while others are bussed in.

On Tuesday July 20, more than 30 parents and children took a 420-name petition to Hertfordshire County Hall to protest about the plans.

The Education Committee considered the authority's current objection to the proposal and voted 9 7 in favour of dropping their opposition.

But after a presentation by school governor Jeremy Silverstone, the full council was tied 37 37 on the issue with the chairman's casting vote ruling in favour of the Brookmans Park position.

If any parent wants to contact the Schools Adjudicator's office to enquire about their letter or the official form, they should ring (01325-391318 or 01325-391304) .

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