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School seeks backing for admission changes

The chairman of governors at Chancellor’s has written to parents at the school urging them to support changes to the admission rules and to reject the local authority’s call to challenge the new criteria.  In the letter George Shiells invites parents to write to the Schools Adjudicator supporting the proposed changes.  

Children at Brookmans Park Primary, which is set to lose its status as a preferred feeder school for Chancellor’s were sent home with copies of the letter to pass on to their parents who are concerned about changes to the criteria. 

In the letter Mr Shiells writes; “You may well have read in the local newspapers that Herts Education Committee has challenged the admission criteria agreed by Chancellor’s Governing Body in March this year…unfortunately the newspaper reports appear to present as facts, the voiced opinions of the Chairman of Education which we believe will not be upheld in due course”. 

The letter, urges parents to write to the office of the Schools Adjudicator and continues; “If, like us, you believe Chancellor’s should be allowed to maintain its present popular character, as a platform to its future enhancement and development, then we invite you to give us your support”. 

Mr Shiells then sets out seven points which he suggests parents may choose to use in their letters should they decide to support the school’s position.   However the chairman of governors asks parents to put the points he sets out in their own words. 

“It is important you compose your own letter stressing the points that are most important to you and your child.  Such letters will add weight to the formal submission to the Adjudicator by your Governing Body”, he writes. 

Mr Shiells concludes; “I know you will give this matter your consideration and hope you will give us your support”.   

The letter ends with the words HELP US TO HELP FUTURE PARENTS in bold underlined capital letters.

July 7, 1999

Do you think Chancellor's new admission criteria is fair?  Should Chancellor's be challenged or do you think the new system is better?  Have Your Say

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