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Chancellor's Admission Policy 2000
George Shiells
Chairman of Governors

The Governing Body of Chancellor’s School has determined admissions arrangements for September 2000 which make provision for the selection of 10% of the places (17 pupils) to be allocated by aptitude in music, drama and sport and a further 10% of places (17 pupils) to be allocated for technological aptitude.

The Admission arrangements are as follows:
The Governors offer places each September to 170 pupils.
Parents must apply direct to the School for a place for their son/daughter using the Chancellor’s application form.

Admission Criteria

Where applications for admission exceed the number of places available, the following criteria will be applied, in the order of priority set out below, to decide which pupils to admit. It is important that parents of pupils from schools not nominated under criterion 5 realise that criteria 1 to 4 and 6 apply to everyone, irrespective of the primary school attended, whether in County or out of County.

  1. Pupils with a brother or sister currently attending the School.
  2. Pupils with a brother or sister who attended the School in the past.
  3. Pupils with a proven aptitude in Drama, Music and Sport. Supporting evidence of standards achieved should be submitted (e.g. grades, achievement certificates, membership of clubs etc.). Pupils admitted under this category will not receive separate special tuition, but will be able to develop themselves by participation in the activities available. Ten per cent of places will be allocated annually to this category. Equal weighting will be given to aptitude in each of the three areas.
  4. Pupils with a technological aptitude (e.g. skills In computing, design, mathematics, science, etc.). Applicants under this category will have to supply supporting evidence of their interests, progress and achievement in technology. Ten per cent of places will be allocated annually to this category.
  5. Pupils attending the following primary schools:


    Brookmans Park Howe Dell Pope Paul
    Countess Anne Ladbrooke St. Giles, S.Mimms
    Cuffley Little Heath St. Mary’s, N.Mymms
    Cranborne New Briars St. Philip Howard
    Essendon Northaw Stream Woods
    Five Oaks Oakmere Sunny Bank
    Hazelgrove Ponsbourne Wroxham
  6. Any remaining places will be allocated by proximity to the School in a straight line from each applicant’s home to the main entrance of the School.


a) A copy of a Year 5 school report must be enclosed with the form. Parents are advised to enclose a letter with the form supporting their application. Where application is made under criteria 3 and 4 supporting evidence of aptitude must be submitted.

b) In the case of over-subscription under criterion 5. places will be allocated to all listed schools with applicants, in proportion to demand. Within each primary school’s application. proximity to Chancellor’s, in a straight line form each applicant’s home to the main entrance of Chancellor’s, will be used to decide priority.

Parents of children of primary school age and who are living within three miles of the school may refer any objections about these selection arrangements (criteria 3 and 4) to the office of the Schools’ Adjudicator, 3rd floor, Vincent House, 2 Woodland Road Darlington. DL3 7PJ. Further information may be obtained from Chancellor’s School on 01707-650702. Objections must be lodged within 6 weeks of the date of publication.

George Shiells
Chairman of Governors

June 17, 1999

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