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The Brookmans Park Newsletter
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New local walks site
This site's 60 local walks have been moved to Hertfordshire Walker. All have been revisited, checked, and revised, with new maps and images added. More walks are planned.

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Friday 23 March 2018
This site has changed

The Brookmans Park Newsletter is being streamlined. The history section has moved to the North Mymms History Project, and the site's walks section to Hertfordshire Walker. There is also a new site called North Mymms News where archived information from the old site and new updates are being posted.

This page will be an entry point to all three, as well as continuing to showcase the topics being discussed in the forum until the forum closes, if it closes. We will keep the train times and weather updates live, too. There will be a new front page that will work well online, on mobile, and on tablet.

There has been talk in our discussion forum of a new team with new ideas creating a new site and a new forum, perhaps even moving the current forum over. This site will promote that initiative as long as the new version maintains the same editorial standards as the current forum.

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New local history site
This site's local history archive has been moved to The North Mymms History Project. The new site has revised articles, better images, and new features. More features are being added.

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