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On The Home Front
The People and Parish of North Mymms 1939-45

Published by the North Mymms Local History Society

Chapter Seven - The North Mymms Auxiliary Hospital

Chapter Eight - The Secret Visitors

Nissen huts on Hockey Lane Estate
Nissen huts on Hockey Lane Estate were the home for military personnel working at various local aircraft establishments.

North Mymms Park, the home of Major Burns and Mrs Burns, was taken over by the Joint War Organization of the British Red Cross in October 1940.

The accommodation was for 55 patients (subsequently increased to 66 in June 1943) and was for members of the three services and civilian victims of air-raids.

A total of 4,497 patients were admitted in its five years and eight months of existence.

Mrs Burns was Commandant and there were three matrons, firstly Miss G Swinford, secondly Miss C J Kemp and from November 1942 Miss E A Cadwell.

There was a physiotherapy department and as well as trained nurses, members of the British Red Cross, members of the Order of St.John and quartermasters and kitchen works were members of the staff.

The secretary of the hospital was H M Alderman. Mrs. M B Crowe, of the Women's M.T.C., took care of the hospital ambulance and was its honorary driver for most of the hospital's life.

The social side of hospital life was not forgotten as it was regarded as an important part of the rehabilitation of service patients. ENSA concerts and cinema shows took place at regular intervals.

A large doll's house, complete with furniture, was made by the patients and put on exhibition at the Men's Institute on June 17th 1944. It was disposed of in aid of the Duke of Gloucester's Red Cross and St.John's Fund.

One of the most treasured signatures in the visitor's book was that of H.R.H. The Princess Royal.

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Note: Many thanks are due to Dick Colville and Leslie Abbott for allowing their reminiscences of the war years in the parish to be published. Also to Mr Colville for allowing the essay by his wife Dorothy to be reproduced. The North Mymms Local History Society

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