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Video - North Mymms Amateur Dramatic Society

Note: There are no images on the first 27 seconds of the video, only voices

View or download the video above free of charge

The video above records the activities and energy of the former North Mymms Amateur Dramatics Society.

Shot in 1964, it was directed and edited by John Colville. Originally a cine film, it's been transfered into VHS and now digitised.

Photographer and local historian, Mike Allen, loaned his copy to The Brookmans Park Newsletter so that it could be uploaded to YouTube and shared with the community.

Do you recognise anyone?

You might recognise some of the younger people in the film.

At the four minute mark there is a picture of a little girl who must have been about two at the time, so probably born around 1962.

And there is a baby boy in his mother's arms at about five and a half minutes in. He looks about one year old, so probably born around 1963.

Perhaps you were one of the scouts in the shot at about five minutes 50 seconds?

And there is a shot of children in a North Mymms playground at about nine minutes 45 seconds.

Do you recognise anyone?

If you were photographed in the video, or if you have any other memories of the North Mymms Amateur Dramatics Society to share,, please use either the Disqus comment form below or you can post in the discussion thread running in this site's forum.

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