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Victorian study of North Mymms

Chapter Eight - Charities

Taken from "The Victoria History of Hertfordshire"
edited by W. Page - 1908.

Pupils of Water End School with Mrs C Cook c 1903
Pupils of Water End School with Mrs C Cook c 1903
By an order of the Charity Commissioners, dated 11 August, 1891, the following charities were brought under one body of trustees, and are administered together for the benefit of the poor of the parish namely:-
  • Charities of a donor unknown (prior to 1622) and of John, Lord Somers (deed 1716), the charity estates consisting of Reddall Field and Carpenter’s Grove Field, near Hawkshead, containing 16 acres and 6 acres 3 roods respectively, producing together a yearly income of £20.
  • Charities of Thomas and Anne Edwards (deed 1626), consisting of a cottage, barn, and garden, and about 10 acres of land in the parish of St. Peter, St. Albans, producing £25 a year; also of three pieces of land in Angerland Common containing about 2 acres.
  • Charity of Sir Thomas Hude (deed 1655), consisting of 1 acre 3 roods 27 poles abutting on Roestock Common, in Angerland Common, and 35 poles in centre of the common. The lands in Angerland are let together to one tenant at £4 a year.
  • Charity of Martha Coningsby, consisting of 2 acres 2 roods 20 poles in Woodsdell Common, producing about £2-10s. a year, distributable among ten of the poorest inhabitants on Shrove Tuesday.
The real property above mentioned was vested in the official trustee of charity lands by order of 12 May, 1882.

The official trustees of charitable funds hold the sums of stock belonging to the following charities also comprised in the above-mentioned order of 1891, namely:-

  • Charities of Edmund Faldo (will 1626), Sir Thomas Hyde, and John Seranck (1655), £1,179-11s-9d. £2-10s. per cent. Annuities arising from salse of land; income for poor and apprenticing.
  • Charity of Same Lydia Mews (will 1727), £305-14s-9d. consols.
  • Charity of Anne Hunter (will 1784), £256-10s-3d. consols.
  • Charity of Joseph Sabine (deed 1816), £109-12s. consols; income for bread and meat to widows on Easter Eve.
  • Charity of Miss Holmes (will 1847), £121-5s-5d. consols, income for one poor widow.
The net income of the charities, amounting to about £100 a year, was applied in 1904 as to £53 for widows’ allowances, £19 in the distribution of brat at church, and £21 in apprenticing, and in the distribution of Mrs. Coningsby’s, Mr. Sabine’s, and Miss Holmes’ gifts.

Caroline Lydia Casamajor, by her will, proved at London, 10 September, 1853, left £3,000 consols for support of at school at Water End for educating and in part clothing the children of the poor, and for repairing and improving the school-house, the school to be a Church of England School.

In 1905 the consols were realized and proceeds re-invested in purchase of £3,264-9s-1d. India 2 ½ per cent. stock; a sum of £166-13s-4d. stock was subsequently sold out to be replaced within a period of twenty-five years for making an addition to the girls’ and infants’ school, leaving a balance of £3,097-15s-9d. India 2 ½ per cent. stock with the official trustees, which, under an order of the Board of Education on 9 February, 1906, was apportioned as to £196-1s. stock for repairs of schoolhouse, £2,176-6s-1d. stock for salaries of schoolmistresses, and £725-8s-8d. for girls’ clothing, fuel, books, &c. Two-thirds of the dividends computed as if of the original sum of £3,264-9s-1d. India 2 ½ per cent. stock, are now paid over to the Herts. County Council.

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Note: The text above has been taken from "The Victoria History of Hertfordshire", edited by W. Page in 1908. It has been broken down into chapters for ease of reading and download. In all chapters the text is reproduced exactly as it is in the original document. Where words are used which are no longer in common usage, a number appears to the right of the word and a definition is offered. However people using these pages for research might need to have their own dictionary on hand to help understand the text. North Mymms is spelt North Mimms throughout, a difference explained in a feature written by Bill Killick on this site click here.

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