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Victorian study of North Mymms


Holloway's Cottage c 1902
Holloway's Cottage c 1902
The following information is taken from pages 251 to 261 of the Dacorum Hundred section of "The Victoria History of Hertfordshire", edited by W.Page in 1908.

It has been broken down into the following chapters for ease of reading and download. In all chapters the text, and the punctuation of that text, is reproduced exactly as it is in the original document.

Where words are used which are no longer in common usage, a number appears to the right of the word and a definition is offered. However, people using these pages for research might need to have their own dictionary to hand to help understand the text. North Mymms is spelt North Mimms throughout, a difference explained in a feature written by Bill Killick on this site click here.

Victorian study of North Mymms - Index
Chapter One - Mimmine
Chapter Two - Manors - North Mymms
Chapter Three - Manors - Potterells
Chapter Four - Manors - Brookmans
Chapter Five - Manors - More Hall and Leggatts
Chapter Six - Churches
Chapter Seven - Advowsons
Chapter Eight - Charities

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